For AMC Clinical Courses:
1. Candidates who have enrolled once in 8 weeks, 10 weeks, or Interstate 5 weeks Clinical courses, will be offered/entitled 50% discount for repeating 8 weeks or 10 weeks clinical course.
2. All other Clinical Courses like 7 days Melbourne or 7 days Interstate will be offered a 10% discount to participate in 8-week or 10-week of clinical courses.
3. Candidates who have enrolled in 7 days course either Melbourne or Interstate will be offered/entitled 50% discount just for repeating the same 7 days course.
For AMC MCQ Courses:
1. Candidates can repeat just the proceeding MCQ course for free + they need to pay $300 for trial exams (2 Major + 4 mini) if they wish to repeat the trial exams. (This means Trial exams are not included in free repetition MCQ Courses).
2. We do not guarantee that the trial exams are different from the prior exams.
3. Candidates who are repeating for the second time (3rd time of participating in the course overall) OR it is their first-time repetition but with a gap; they need to pay 50% of total course fee inclusive with trial exams.
4. All candidates will have access to the most recent lecture notes and not the previous ones.
5. Access extension is only applicable if candidates provide us with a copy of their AMC MCQ Placement letter, otherwise, their access to the lecture notes will be terminated.


This is effective from 12th May 2020.

*Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to explain or change the above terms and conditions at any time.