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3-Day Physical Examination-Brisbane

3-Day Physical Examination-Brisbane

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Physical examination is an essential component of any doctor-patient interaction in different clinical settings. It helps us not only to identify the different system involvement in any particular disease but to monitor the disease progression as well.

Accepting applications only until 23rd November 2020

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Hello Home Doctor Service
Suite 14, Level 2, Tower A,
1 Springfield Lakes Blvd
Springfield Lakes Q 4301
(Please apply online to save your seat in the course and contact us for any other queries on +61 3 98673344 )

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Every doctor should have excellent knowledge and skills to perform a comprehensive physical examination. Physical examination plays a critical role in deciding the hemodynamic stability of the patient in the emergency department which significantly alters the patient management and outcome.

This seminar is conducted as a day/days programme which will cover the general physical and focused system examination of different body systems.


• Hand Examination
• Elbow examination
• Shoulder Examination
• Neck Examination
• Back examination
• Hip examination
• Knee examination
• Ankle examination
• Foot examination


• Respiratory examination
• Cardiovascular Examination
• Abdomen Examination
• Chronic liver disease examination
• Assessment of dehydration
• Hematological Examination
• Rash Examination
• Cranial Nerves Examination
• Ear Examination
• Eye examination (TIA, Orbital floor Fracture)
• Thyroid and tremor examination
• Upper limb and lower limb neurology (TIA)


• Breast examination
• Gynecomastia examination
• Pelvic Examination
• Obstetrics exam
• Scrotal Examination


• Parotid Examination
• Headache examination
• Vertigo Examination
• Peripheral Neuropathies
• Unsteady gait/ ataxia
• Trauma cases
• Urine dipstick examination
• Neonatal Examination
• Unconscious patient

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1. “Exam and OSCE oriented” Physical examination scenarios for candidates preparing for AMC clinical examination.
2. Covering all systems of the body in physical examination.
3. Demonstration of “Standard and the most practiced methods” of physical examination in Australian context with textbook references.
4. Presentation and demonstration of physical examination in examination scenario/ OSCE scenario in terms of “Rapport, Communication, Skills, patient comfort, Exposure with privacy and Consent”.
5. Proper “Running commentary” to the examiner/ to the patient while performing physical examination of a patient hitting the “KEY POINTS”.
6. “Time management” in choosing techniques of physical examination in 8 minute station/ short station.
7. Adequate number of “One to one practice sessions” covering all the Physical examination cases in 3 days.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Perform a systematic physical examination.
2. Improve patient safety by optimising the use of physical examination in conjugation with history and investigations.
3. Interpret abnormal physical findings on examination.
4. Formulate a management plan in the context of positive findings.
5. Recognise when a patient needs urgent attention in the general practice & emergency department.

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