ARIMGSAS host both Formal and Casual trial exams. These exams are free for students of Clinical and spaces permitting, we open these exams up to members from other facilities who wish to practice AMC Clincial Examinations for an upcoming Examination Date in a less stressful environment. The cost for non-ARIMGSAS students is $100 for Casual Examinations, and $600 for Formal Examinations.

The trial exam is structured in the same format as the actual AMC exam, with two minutes reading time and eight minutes to complete the task.

The Casual Trial Exam has a candidate testing another candidate.

Both examination types use questions written for ARIMGSAS following the AMC Guidelines of Medical, Psychiatric, Surgical, Obs & Gynaecology and Paediatric situations.

Price includes lunch on the day and feedback after the examination.