This workshop will focus on the techniques and skills of communication including proper greeting, building rapport with patients, gaining consent, showing empathy, dealing with certain patients with serious physical and mental illnesses, dealing with conflicts, addressing patients’ addictions, and performing an ethical role effectively and professionally in GP and hospital settings under Australian culture. Role play with the tutor will be provided for the candidates to practice under the guidance of the tutor and feedback will be given in the class.



2 pm-4 pm:  Communication skills required in a medical setting, especially in a GP clinic, common conflicts that GPs usually encounter, and the techniques of how to avoid and deal with conflicts.

4 pm-5 pm: Clinical cases discussion and role play.

  • Dr Nicholls is passionate about communication skills, empathy and relating to your patients on a level that is genuine, relaxed, calming, informal, conducive to accurate history taking and problem-solving and based on over 30 years of rural and city Australian General Practice (including 16 years as a Clinical Examiner for the FRACGP Clinical Examinations). He has much knowledge and wisdom to impart. He believes that your communication skills are by far the most important factor in whether or not you will pass the AMC exam.