ARIMGSAS hosts Formal OSCE trial exams.

The cost for students who have never completed a OSCE Course is $600. If you have completed an OSCE Course at ARIMGSAS, enter your discount code at checkout and you will receive a $100 discount.
If you no longer have your code, simply email support@arimgsas.com.au and one of our lovely ladies, will email your discount code to you.

Each trial exam is structured in the same format as the actual RACGP exam, with either two minutes reading time and 8 minutes to complete the task, or two minutes reading time, and 18 minutes to complete the task.

The Formal Trial Exam have candidates testing a Role Player while being monitored by a trained Examiner.

The examination uses questions written especially for ARIMGSAS following the RACGP Guidelines of Dermatology, Medical, Obs & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatric and Surgical cases.

Price includes lunch on the day and feedback after the examination.