Laboratory Tests Workshop (2 days)

////Laboratory Tests Workshop (2 days)

Laboratory Tests Workshop (2 days)



Laboratory tests are an essential tool to assist in the diagnostic process, to monitor the progress of certain illness and the response to treatment.

Laboratory test results may influence up to 70 percent of medical decision-making.

The lack of confidence in interpreting laboratory test results may be directly related, to the sparse training in laboratory medicine provided in most medical schools. The informed consent from the patient should be obtained.

The medical practitioners have the responsibility (clinically and economically) to be very discerning and selective in the investigations that they choose. The questions that should be asked in decision-making include:

  • Is this investigation necessary?
  • Will it change my management?
  • Will this ultimately benefit the patient?
  • This workshop should answer these questions.

Part 1

An abnormal analyte value (i.e. one outside a given reference range) in a patient usually reflects some disease process.
However before the clinician responds (diagnostically or therapeutically) to such a result he should consider it in the light of (a) the clinical picture and (b) the possibility of error.

Part 2

The workshop has been developed to assist medical practitioners with clinical scenarios that are either commonly encountered or complex. It provides stepwise decision with additional clinical information alongside.

At the completion of this workshop students would have gained knowledge about interpretation of common and specialised laboratory tests.
Also, the participant will receive a certificate for attending the workshop.

This workshop is conducted over two sessions to provide participants with a wide view of laboratory tests. It should
1- Facilitate interpretation of laboratory results
2- Identify the critically abnormal results.
3- Provide useful guidelines for selection of pathology tests
4- Help evaluation of pathology results in the context of clinical presentations.
5- Encourage medical practitioners to liaise with laboratory staff to seek extra information regarding result interpretation and further testing if needed.
6- Increase awareness to MBS for pathology testing.

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