ARIMGSAS hosts Formal Trial Examinations from January to December. Our Formal Clinical Trial Examination follows the same format as the AMC Clinical Examination.  There are 20 stations which comprises of 14 scored stations, 2 pilot (non-scored) stations, and 4 rest (non-scored) stations. The 4 non-scored rest stations allow candidates an opportunity to have a break at predetermined intervals.

The clinical examination pilot stations will not be identified to candidates during the examination.

The examination is open to existing and external candidates.  The cost is $600 and $500 if you have attended a 5 week or more course with Alan Roberts.

The trial examination is structured in the same format as the actual AMC exam, with two minutes reading time and eight minutes to complete the task.

Written feedback for each station is provided with the mark-sheet. At the end of the examination, a feedback session is provided by one of our AMC Certified Doctors which includes discussing the structure, tasks and key points important to AMC.