About ARIMGSAS Australia

Want to pursue your dream to practice as a Medical Practitioner in Australia? Alan Roberts International Medical Graduates Support & Advisory Services can help you achieve your goals. ARIMGSAS will assist you during the course and help you in every way possible to achieve your registration as a Medical Practitioner in Australia and work in the Medical Service Delivery Industry.

ARIMGSAS is led by professionals who have more than 30 years of expertise in medical education in Australia. Depending on your need we have specially designed courses and services to assist you.


ARIMGSAS is committed to helping IMGs be prepared to enter the Australian Medical Workforce.

At ARIMGSAS we are proud to build a community where all medical students help each other learn from their personal experiences. ARIMGSAS develops soft skills and prepares IMGs to excel in the medical practice in Australia. ARIMGSAS guides you through the initial stages of your medical career in Australia.

We answer all the questions that will help change the impossible to possible. The entire how, why what, when will be answered by professionals at ARIMGSAS. We provide personalized consulting designed to cater to your individual needs. If you require personal consulting we are here for you.

Our Mission:

ARIMGSAS provides an accessible environment to support overseas trained medical doctors with quality education.


ARIMGSAS aims to create transformative experiences for overseas-trained medical doctors and to get them ready for medical registration and work in Australia.

As one of the largest education providers for International Medical Graduates in Australia, we specialize in running bridging Courses and Workshops.


Quality education: We deliver a comprehensive range of education and training services.

Inspiration: Through our understanding of the Australian health care system we guide international medical graduates with hope and dedication.

Teamwork: We value every single person involved in our team.