Hi Alan.
Just wanted to give my feedback regarding the trial review yesterday(30-Jul-2020).
I think it was fantastic, Dr Kuldeep was able to review all the questions, which I thought would be impossible, and discuss the main topics, including differentials, and keep a good interaction with us. I like her approach; it’d be great to have more lectures with her.
It’d be great to have the subjects added to our calendar so I can organise the content that I missed from the previous batch and make sure I will have those contents in the next weeks. I imagine the schedule will be a bit different. Finally, linking the calendar with the link to the slides will be very helpful as sometimes we get a bit lost trying to find the content on the slides.
Kind regards,
T*** T***

Dr T*** T***

Dear Alan

I just want to thank you for the opportunity you have given me in ARIMGSAS, I am very grateful. I apologise for not letting you know earlier about me moving to Rockhampton as it was on short notice, as AHPRA wanted signed documents for in-person approval from a registered practitioner in Rockhampton.

Hopefully will get to catch up once I am in Melbourne.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Dr S*** I***

Hello Alan…

Good evening…  Hope you and you’re family is doing good fine?

It’s been a great week for me, I received my registration from AHPRA and also my hospital in Canberra is very supportive,  they sent me a travel exemption letter to help me travel back to Australia as soon as I can.

Working on my visa application now.

I also communicated with the accounts department regarding the referral fee.  Thank you Alan..

Alan, since I have a lot of time on hand and also I would love to be associated with ARIMGSAS for all that it’s given me,  is it possible for me to teach a few sessions with the clinical batch?

Also I don’t mind helping the candidates for interview prep too,  have attended a bunchful and luckily had a lot of options to choose from, for my current job.

It’s absolutely no pressure,  just in case you feel I can fit in somewhere, I would love to teach the clinical batches.


Dr I***

Dear Alan,
I am happy to inform that I passed my Clinical Retest Exam on 21st April 2018. I passed all 8 stations with good global scores.
I did the 7-day Clinical Crash Course which was really a comprehensive one.


I was planing on attending the 10 week clinical preparation course in Melbourne,however due to the travel restrictions imposed due to the corona virus situation i was not able to travel to Australia. The team at ARIMGSAS was very helpful and gave me the option of following the 10 week course online. The 10 week online course is just AMAZING, i was skeptical in the beginning,but after attending class for a couple of days i realised how good it was.
Pros– The tutors are great and they always involve you in the class, whether it may be in role plays or performing examinations. If you have doubts on what is been taught,no worries just ask the tutors and they will explain it.Even though its an online course,its a very interactive experience.
You can attend the course from the comfort of your own home.
Time spent and money spent on travelling-zero ,so more time for you to study.
As for physical examinations,the tutors make sure you see and understand what is been done clearly.
In conclusion this course is a amazing alternative if you are in a similar situation as i’m in and is unable to attend the course in person.

Dr V*** R***
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