I have completed my MCQ online course . All the tutors were so professional. I want to mention that Dr. M*** S*** was so knowledgeable.

She had great attitude to the students.

One of the most important skills I would like to mention is her attention to details and her approach to explain the topics.

She covered all the relevant topics and simplify  the complex issues so it is easy to understand.

Definitely, I would recommend the course .

Dr Z*** A***

First i would like to thank Alan and his team.
I did both AMC MCQ and CLINICALS under ARIMGSAS.
No doubt the course is beneficial not only for the exam point of view but also understanding Australia Health Care system.
I did my clinical exam on 11/07/19 , and i passed .Did the course in April and finished on 30th June so that gave me 10 days to prepare by myself and no doubt the course gave me a lot of ideas on how to tackle and answer the questions given.
Proud to have been under the guidance of Alan and his team..
Once again thank you Alan will come down and see you guys soon in person.

Dr R*** G***

Dear Mr Alan and all ARIMGSAS staff,


Thank you very much for your continued help that enabled me successfully complete all the AMC exams. Passing my PESCI recently, I am very glad to join the Australian healthcare system as a general practitioner.

I am very grateful to the unreserved support I got from ARIMGSAS team including the tutors who know the secrets of success, the well-trained role players, admin staff who understand and support the needs of IMGs, and above all the vibrant and envisioned leader, Mr Alan. Mr Alan is very committed to support and guide fellow IMGs towards success!

The team at the ARIMGSAS supports qualified IMGs to be certified and join the Australian healthcare workforce. This, I strongly believe, is a huge contribution to both the IMGs and the Australian healthcare system.

Keep up the good work that undoubtedly will have a positive impact the public at large.

Thank you all!


Dr B*** Z***

Hi Alan and ARIMGSAS team

I would like to take the chance to thank you for the great support. It’s impossible to success without your help and professional advice.

If I could help at some stage , please feel free to contact me.

All the best

Dr E*** H***

Dear Alan Roberts,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I would be delighted to teach in the upcoming course.

Kind Regards,

Dr V*** J***
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