Sent Thank  you  for  your  unwavering  support  and  a  pillar  of  encouragement  Alan Roberts throughout  the  years!  Not  only  to  J*** but  to  me  as  well  from  reviewing  for  AMC  MCQ  until  getting  a  job.  Thank  you  for  helping  so  many  IMGs  like  us.  All  the  very  best  and  more success  stories  in  the  future.


I am writing to thank ARIMGSAS to organize this 5-week online course for AMCQ exam.


I believe to cover all topics of medicine in such a short time and in such a beneficial way is really hard and should be appreciated. All our tutors; Dr. Mohamed, Dr. Cintia, and Dr. Oksana are very valuable and try to help us sincerely. This course has been very educatory for me to adapt Australian medical system.

Moreover, I want to thank you also for your organization and last-minute arrangements to make us more comfortable and confident for the exam. It was important to us.

I would like to convey that I owe Dr Oksana a debt of gratitude and want to thank Dr. Oksana for her valuable lessons as well as Dr. Cintia and Dr. Mohamed.

Once again Thank you in advance Alan Roberts and his team.

Kind Regards,

Dr A*** O*** S***

Hi Alan!! How are you? I hope everything is going well on your end. Anyhow, I’m happy to let you know that I passed my exam on my first take last 4th of October and I am from the 5 week course in Sydney. I want to thank you and your group for making this possible.  In line with this, I’d like to inquire about becoming an online tutor for ARIMGSAS. Thank you!

All the best,


Dr S*** E*** P***

From my point of view, I think it is one of the best professional medical courses, in terms of preparation for the exam, and all the related targets for international medical doctors.

I suggest  and encourage all international medical doctors who want to enter and continue their medical journey in an Australian medical system, take part in this course, or the online MCQ course, and the related courses to the ARIMGSAS institute, as I have had a chance to take part in the workshop related to the Clinical courses too.

The teachers are very expert and able to manage and guide the students in a relaxing environment. Their friendly and professional manners lead the students to achieve their aims. You can build a long relationship with the teachers in terms of answering your possible questions in the future. In line with this, you have the chance of reading and providing the main important medical books and related journals within the institute.

The positive, responsible and sympathetic attitude of Alan Roberts and his all staff, gives you the chance of getting more familiar with Australian medical systems, and remove all the ambiguous aspect of knowing a new medical system.

After attending your course, you have the great chance of participate in the same course again until you hit your medical targets. The expert, professional, and academic staff motivate you to communicate with the doctors within, which definitely you can make new friends, and outside of the institute. The unbelievable chance of attending the workshops and observer-ship courses outside in several clinics could be an important and vital factor that increases your strength and confidence.

Whole team feel responsible and caring towards meeting their students needs , they have generously provided comfortable space, food and drink to study, and for food and drinking.

I believe you enjoy your journey with the institute and you will have an unforgettable moments.


Thank you very much,

Dr S*** S***

Dr S*** S***

Dear Alan,

As you know I and my wife both have currently passed our AMC clinical examinations successfully in August. I pride myself to be one of the student in ARIMGSAS who passed 13 out of 14 stations in the AMC clinical examination in my first attempt. I would be very happy if I could have such an opportunity to share my experience as well as my knowledge to the future candidates at the clinical courses in ARIMGSAS, I would appreciate if you could let me to be one of the member of your valuable department in ARIMGSAS.

Yours sincerely,

Dr P*** H***
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