Dear Alan,

Hope you are doing great!

I haven’t been in touch with you for a long time now but whatever I do in my academic/professional career in Australia, I always think of you!

I would like to share 2 good news with you! I have got my general registration today and also last week I have joined Monash health. As you know, this is still the beginning and a long way to go!

I remember the first day when I started my journey at ARIMGSAS with the ALS course with Dr Maria Perez followed by clinical course later on. During my course I used to be so nervous but I remember the way you hugged me like my own father and encouraged me to go ahead while I was crying so much and unable to talk even!

After passing my exam I started tutoring only because you believed I could do that even though I was so hesitant to do it. I continued to do it till I got a formal job offer and started working. I couldn’t continue teaching because of other personal issues. However, I have always found you beside me whenever I needed you!

I am really blessed and grateful to you for your kind support and love towards me and all the IMGs.

Stay blessed always!

I would love to come to ARIMGSAS and meet you soon!

Best regards

Dr M** C**

I attended Alans Roberts 10 week clinical bridge course 6 months back, and passed my clinical exam soon after in the first attempt! I’m out of words to express my gratitude to Alan and every turor and menber of the ARIMGSAS team, without whom I couldn’t have imagined this journey. I’ve always been made to feel a part of a big family I could turn to at any point when any hurdle came my way in these past few months. ❤

Dr M*** T**

Dear Alan and Team at ARIMGSAS,

Today I received my AMC MCQ part 1 results in the mail – 310 points, top 25% in all patient groups!

I am really proud of my achievement, especially as I only decided to return to Medicine in June 2018. Of course, my result wouldn’t have been possible without the great preparation course offered at ARIMGSAS. The tutors were all helpful, friendly and professional, and the topics were covered in good depth and with attention to detail. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone hoping to take the MCQ exam!

Now I have passed this first hurdle, I will take time to deepen my knowledge and spend time with my children at Christmas before returning to ARIMGSAS in the new year to prepare for the clinical exam. I am looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting more new friends and future colleagues along the way!

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,


Dr K**

Dear Alan,

Just got my scorecard of AMC part 1. I scored 339 of 500. This couldn’t be possible without ARIMGSAS. Thank you so much for all the help and support ARIMGSAS provided. Regards,
Dr M*** M***

Dr M*** M***

I came to ARIMGSAS one year ago and did the 8week clinical course , since then I have passed clinical and pesci, to be honest it would have been impossible to get through without Alan’s courses.
Alan and all the office members treat you as their own family and there have been times that they go beyond their responsibilities to help IMGs.
Alan I wanted to thank you for all the support and help

Dr A***
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