I was planing on attending the 10 week clinical preparation course in Melbourne,however due to the travel restrictions imposed due to the corona virus situation i was not able to travel to Australia. The team at ARIMGSAS was very helpful and gave me the option of following the 10 week course online. The 10 week online course is just AMAZING, i was skeptical in the beginning,but after attending class for a couple of days i realised how good it was.
Pros– The tutors are great and they always involve you in the class, whether it may be in role plays or performing examinations. If you have doubts on what is been taught,no worries just ask the tutors and they will explain it.Even though its an online course,its a very interactive experience.
You can attend the course from the comfort of your own home.
Time spent and money spent on travelling-zero ,so more time for you to study.
As for physical examinations,the tutors make sure you see and understand what is been done clearly.
In conclusion this course is a amazing alternative if you are in a similar situation as i’m in and is unable to attend the course in person.

Dr V*** R***


No doubt the course is beneficial not only for the exam point of view but also understanding Australia Health Care system.

I did my clinical exam on 11/07/19 , and i passed .Did the course in april and finished on 30th June so that gave me 10 days to prepare by myself and no doubt the course gave me alot of ideas on how to tackle and answer the questions given.

Proud to have been under the guidance of Alan and his team..

Once again thank you Alan will come down and see you guys soon in person.

Dr ***
Dr A*** A***

Dear Alan,

I have started working two weeks ago and I love it, so I have been thinking of writing to you. This is a long due thank you email!
Thank you for all the amazing courses you hosted without which I wouldn’t have made it in my exams. Thank you for supporting me after my exam by giving me work as a teacher which I loved! And for being an amazing referee!
Thank you for everything! I’ll forever be grateful to you and everyone at ARIGMSAS!
Lots of love and success your way!

Dr S***

Dear Dr Alan,

I hope everything is going well with you.

I was a member of clinical class last year and with the help of your wonderful and supportive team,I have passed clinical exam on August 2019.

I am so grateful for all of your support. It was impossible to pass this exam without attending ARIMGSAS.

I am applying for job positions in hospitals these days. I have written my resume but all my referee are from Iran. I would like to know if I can put your name as a referee on my resume.

Thank you so much


Dr N*** S***
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