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Student Portal access2023-10-24T10:29:11+11:00

I am an MCQ & Clinical Course Student and I no longer have access to my student portal.

  • If your course has already finished, your access will expire 6 months after the course finishes.
  • We can grant access if the exam placement letter is provided to us as proof to get portal access.
  • If your course has not finished yet and you see “Not Enrolled“, please clear your browser’s Cache (Click here for instructions)
    then press Ctrl+F5 on your student portal.

My user automatically logs out after inactivity.

  • For your own security, the accounts automatically log out of the system after 4 hours of inactivity.

The student portal will work best on Google Chrome/Firefox/Safari on the Windows/Mac OS operating systems, you might encounter some issues while browsing the slides on your Apple iPad or iPhone devices.

What other benefits can we get if we enrol with ARIMGSAS courses?2023-10-24T10:39:54+11:00

 You will receive support after every course on what we recommend you put on your resume. We also provide advice on how to find a job.

  • Throughout your relationship with us, we will assist with your communication skills.
  • If ARIMGSAS is impressed with you, we may hire you as a tutor, when an opportunity arises, this will also look good for your resume.
  • For your Resume, Alan Roberts can be your referee when applying for employment. Just make sure to ask or inform them first.
  • You will enjoy a friendly environment, friendly staff, modern facilities, our proximity to Melbourne CBD, many the beautiful parks and magnificent eating palaces close to our Centre.
  • Excellent pass rates
  • The experience from many of our past course participants who are now working in the Australian Health Care System
  • After-hours study facilities
  • Your kitchen and dining area
  • Working with staff who have many years of experience in the field
What happens if I fail the exam?2023-10-24T10:42:02+11:00
  • We can assure you that we will not leave you behind. We will continually support you in your attempt to pass your examinations.
  • MCQ Candidates can repeat the proceeding MCQ course for free (Only 1 Repetition for free)
  • If the MCQ candidate wishes to repeat the trial exams additional fee of $300 will be added for trial exams (2 Major MCQ Trial Exams + 4 mini MCQ Trial Exams).
  • All MCQ candidates (both new candidates and repeaters) will have access to the most recent, and updated lecture notes.
  • Access extension until your exam date is applicable if candidates provide us with a copy of their AMC MCQ and Clinical Placement letter.
  • For Clinical Course Students, you may book an appointment with Alan. He will help you with either taking the exam or getting a job.
Is your centre convenient for public transport?2016-07-18T20:48:58+10:00

Yes, it is. Our office is only 10-15 mins away from the Flinders Train Station. You may take any tram going to St Kilda except Tram number 1 and 8.

I am interested in being an observer at a GP Clinic? Can you assist me?2020-05-13T14:20:47+10:00

 Yes, we can. We accept observers for GP clinics. For further information and availability please contact us on 03 9867 3344 or email us at

Do you do any trial examinations for both Clinical and MCQ?2023-10-24T10:55:29+11:00

Yes, we do,

What workshops do you conduct? And do any of them have CPD points attached to them?2023-10-24T11:00:02+11:00
I need assistance with PESCI training and getting an available spot to sit the PESCI examination. Can you help me?2016-07-18T20:40:39+10:00

Yes, we can assist you in getting the PESCI date through our career consultant. Usually there are many spots available for HWAV. However for RACGP and ACRRM, we cannot guarantee but we will try our best.

Can you assist me with finding a job in hospital or as a GP?2020-05-13T14:44:43+10:00

Yes, we assist those who did our courses. We have our own career consultant who can assist you with improving your CV. You can also consult her for other pre-employment services. It is, however, by appointment.

Is it possible to access the classes via ZOOM, Skype or webinar or video conferencing?2020-05-13T14:45:57+10:00

Yes. If you cannot come in person to the class, we can organise for you to attend via video conferencing. (ZOOM, Skype…)

Can you assist me with my CV?2020-05-13T14:46:21+10:00

Yes, we can. We have our own career consultant who can assist you with improving your CV. You can also consult her for other pre-employment services. It is however, by appointment.

Have many of your doctors gone the path to specialise in their areas of Medicine?2020-05-13T14:49:40+10:00
  • Yes, many of them have. But if you are going down the specialist pathway, you need to organise an appointment with our Career consultant or Alan, and we will outline the positive and negatives of this pathway.
  • In taking the specialist pathway, you have to pass English first. Then you will need to contact the appropriate college (according to your specialisation) to organise an interview, and this can be a costly experience. During the interview, depending on your performance, you can be given full registration or credits for part of your study, or you can be rejected.
Can you assist with obtaining accommodation for the duration of the course?2020-05-13T14:50:06+10:00

Yes, we can. Once you enrol in any of our courses, we can provide you with a list of accommodation as recommended to us by previous clients.

Can you assist me with getting an exam date as all exam dates are currently taken?2020-05-13T14:50:38+10:00

Yes, we can assist you but we cannot guarantee anything. Book an appointment with Alan. Contact us at

Can you assist me with obtaining my EICS certificate with the AMC?2020-05-13T14:51:57+10:00

Mr Alan Roberts, our managing director, has a strong connection with the Australian Medical Council and he can help you in getting your EICS certificate.

Do you give support for people who are seeking registration with AHPRA?2020-05-13T14:52:38+10:00

Yes, we do. Book an appointment with our Career consultant or with Alan. Contact us at

Do you provide private tutorials?2020-05-13T14:53:01+10:00

Yes, we do. Please contact us on 03 9867 3344 or for more information.

What are the chances of me passing the exam after completing the courses?2020-05-13T14:54:07+10:00

We do our very best to equip you to be able to pass the AMC examinations; however, you are required to put in the effort to prepare for the exam either through self-study or peer/ group discussions and role-plays.

What percentage of people pass the AMC MCQ or Clinical exam after completing your courses?2020-05-13T14:55:24+10:00
  • For the MCQ Course, our pass rate is very high. In fact, in a couple of MCQ Courses, we have had a 100% pass rate.
  • For the Clinical course, the pass rate is very high. For example, in a number of most recent AMC Clinical examination results, out of the people who passed these examinations, 65% completed our courses.
When should I sit for the AMC exam on completing the course?2020-05-13T14:58:21+10:00

It is up to you, but we recommend to give yourself at least one month preparation time after you finish the course, This gives you the time to absorb all that was discussed during the course.

What is the Clinical Course Structure? The maximum number of participants? Any material?2020-05-13T15:02:34+10:00
What is the MCQ Course Structure? The maximum number of participants? Any materials required?2020-05-13T15:04:42+10:00
  • Half lecture, and half discussion of MCQs.
  • Each tutor is assigned with topics.
  • We cover at least 400 topics.
  • This is a very intensive course, so you can take days off if you wish.
  • For materials, we sell the “Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions”.
  • You may also use John Murtagh’s Book.
  • For more books please visit our Bookshop.
  • Access to more materials will be given during the course.
Do I get any reward for referring a friend to a course?2016-07-18T20:22:02+10:00

Yes. You will get 5% of the course fee as referral fee, if you refer a new student to any of these full courses below:

  • MCQ Preparation Course
  • Clinical Preparation Course
  • FRACGP AKT & KFP Preparation Course
  • FRACGP OSCE Preparation Course

This is effective from 20th November 2015.

* Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to explain or change the above terms and conditions at any time.

Is there any discount if I am a previous student?2020-05-13T15:11:08+10:00

For AMC Clinical Courses:
1. Candidates who have enrolled once in 8 weeks, 10 weeks, or Interstate 5 weeks Clinical courses, will be offered/entitled 50% discount for repeating 8 weeks or 10 weeks clinical course.
2. All other Clinical Courses like 7 days Melbourne or 7 days Interstate will be offered a 10% discount to participate in 8-week or 10-week of clinical courses.
3. Candidates who have enrolled in 7 days course either Melbourne or Interstate will be offered/entitled 50% discount just for repeating the same 7 days course.
For AMC MCQ Courses:
1. Candidates can repeat just the proceeding MCQ course for free + they need to pay $300 for trial exams (2 Major + 4 mini) if they wish to repeat the trial exams. (This means Trial exams are not included in free repetition MCQ Courses).
2. We do not guarantee that the trial exams are different from the prior exams.
3. Candidates who are repeating for the second time (3rd time of participating in the course overall) OR it is their first-time repetition but with a gap; they need to pay 50% of total course fee inclusive with trial exams.
4. All candidates will have access to the most recent lecture notes and not the previous ones.
5. Access extension is only applicable if candidates provide us with a copy of their AMC MCQ Placement letter, otherwise, their access to the lecture notes will be terminated.


This is effective from 12th May 2020.

*Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to explain or change the above terms and conditions at any time.

Is there any Fee-Help available?2016-07-18T20:19:29+10:00
  • The fee-help option is not available yet but there is another way which is the payment arrangement plan.
  • Payment arrangement plan is where you will pay the amount by instalments.

*Administration fee of $100 applies if you opt for Payment Arrangement Plan.

Can I get any refund if I cancel/withdraw from a course/workshop?2020-05-13T15:12:06+10:00

For Courses

  • Please check each course “Refund and Payment Policy”

For Workshops

  • Please check each course “Refund and Payment Policy”
How can I enrol in a course or a workshop?2020-05-13T15:12:44+10:00

Go to the website and click on the courses/workshops and select the course/workshop and add to cart. You will then be prompted to enter your personal details and then make payment to successfully enrol.

Could you suggest the right pathway and kindly provide me, with the details including Fee structure, time period, issuance of visa, employment opportunities?2020-05-13T15:14:00+10:00

There are several things you need to do.

  • Contact the Australian Medical Council and have your documents assessed.
  • You need to sit and pass the AMC/MCQ Examination.
  • For registration with AHPRA, you need to pass IELTS/OET/ TOEFL/PTE.
  • You are now eligible to work/you need to find a hospital or clinic that wants to employ you, we can assist you with that.
  • You can sit MCQ/English either overseas or in Australia. If you want to attend a Bridging Course, then we can assist you in your preparation to optimise your performance at this examination.
  • All details about course dates and costs are on our website.
  • Visa is up to you, but you can come in on a visitor’s Visa. If you require assistance
  • with Visa, we have a list of recommended Australian immigration agents.