MedExcellence: Elevating Practice – ARIMGSAS CPD Accredited Workshops

Join our ARIMGSAS CPD accredited workshops, tailored exclusively for doctors seeking continuous professional development. Elevate your medical expertise through cutting-edge insights, hands-on training, and global perspectives, unlocking new dimensions in patient care. Earn CPD hours while connecting with a diverse community of medical professionals—transform your practice with knowledge that transcends borders

ALS Workshop

Experience life-saving skills firsthand in our ALS workshop, where knowledge meets action for medical professionals

Physical Examination

Master the art of Physical Examination from anywhere with our Online Workshop, bringing essential skills to your fingertips for clearing AMC Clinical Examination

IV Cannulation

Perfect your IV Cannulation technique with our hands-on workshop, ensuring precision and confidence for healthcare professionals.

BLS Workshop

Join our accredited Basic Life Support (BLS) workshop, endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), designed to equip healthcare professionals with essential life-saving skills. This hands-on training program covers vital aspects of emergency response, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, and effective team communication.

Womens Health Workshop

Elevate your expertise in women’s health with our RACGP-accredited Women’s Health Workshop. Designed for healthcare professionals, this workshop delves into the latest evidence-based practices, advancements, and holistic approaches in women’s healthcare.

ECG Workshop

Unlock the intricacies of Electrocardiography (ECG) with our RACGP-accredited workshop. Tailored for healthcare professionals, this hands-on session delves into the art and science of interpreting ECGs, providing a comprehensive understanding of cardiac diagnostics.

PESCI Workshop

Join our PESCI Workshop to navigate the Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview process seamlessly. Tailored for international medical graduates, this workshop provides essential insights, tips, and practical guidance, ensuring you are well-prepared for a successful medical career in Australia

Communication Skills Workshop

Master crucial communication skills for success in the AMC Clinical Examination with our specialized workshop. Designed to prepare medical professionals, this session focuses on effective patient interactions, case presentations, and interpersonal skills, ensuring you excel in the clinical assessment and contribute to optimal patient care

Skin Cancer, Biopsies & Suturing Workshop

Equip yourself with vital skills in our Skin Cancer, Biopsies & Suturing Workshop designed for doctors. This hands-on session offers comprehensive training in skin cancer detection, biopsy techniques, and proficient suturing, empowering you to enhance your dermatological proficiency and deliver high-quality patient care.

Ingrowing Toenail Workshop

Enhance your clinical proficiency in Ingrown Toenail Management with our RACGP-accredited workshop. Delve into evidence-based practices, hands-on techniques, and earn CPD points while elevating your expertise. Join us to optimize patient care through specialized training in this common yet nuanced condition.

Fracture Management Workshop

Elevate your fracture management skills with our accredited workshop endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). Gain hands-on experience in evidence-based techniques, and earn CPD points while mastering the latest advancements in fracture assessment and treatment. Join us to enhance your proficiency in providing effective care for fractures in a primary care setting.