We’re Victoria’s local bank. We have 106 branches spread around Victoria, with our headquarters and call centre located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. All our branches and corporate banking centres are staffed by locals.
We’re a bank, but we’re not just here to provide financial support. We continue to make considerable investments in the local economy, whilst also supporting and strengthening the local community through initiatives like the Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund.
As the only bank born of this city we are passionate about the state of Victoria. We’re a state of makers, creators and doers. So whatever it is you want to make, we want to help you make it.
Inspired by the ambition, passion and innovation of Makers across our state, our ‘For the Makers’ campaign continues to tell their story, this time in their own words. Featuring successful Victorians who are Bank of Melbourne customers, it’s their stories that show why we’re more than just the Bank of Melbourne, we’re the Bank for Melbourne.

To contact the ARIMGSAS Bank of Melbourne representative directly, call Joey Wong on +61 403 971648 or Click HERE to email Joey.