You will receive support after every course on what we recommend you put on your resume. We also provide advice on how to find a job.

  • Throughout your relationship with us, we will assist with your communication skills.
  • If ARIMGSAS is impressed with you, we may hire you as a tutor, when an opportunity arises, this will also look good for your resume.
  • For your Resume, Alan Roberts can be your referee when applying for employment. Just make sure to ask or inform them first.
  • You will enjoy a friendly environment, friendly staff, modern facilities, our proximity to Melbourne CBD, many the beautiful parks and magnificent eating palaces close to our Centre.
  • Excellent pass rates
  • The experience from many of our past course participants who are now working in the Australian Health Care System
  • After-hours study facilities
  • Your kitchen and dining area
  • Working with staff who have many years of experience in the field