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    Dear Candidates Due to the current situation in relation to COVID-19 and the government extending the restrictions, we can understand how much it can affect your preparation for the Clinical Exam. As ARMIGSAS wants to support our candidates until they start their career, (this is a once-off offer only for our Clinical Course returning students) if you are interested in keeping up to date and studying with all the new cases and be ready for the exam, we invite you to join our online broadcasting 8-week Clinical Courses which starts on 21st September for only $2000, also you will be able to attend face to face  3 days physical examination workshop and women’s health workshop for free whenever you get your exam dates. As always, our policy is to offer help, support, and advice for all ARIMGSAS family members.-Free Women's Health Workshop-Free 3-Day Physical Examination WorkshopThis offer is only for our Clinical/MCQ Course Returning Students.Please contact us for booking or more information.