Skin Cancer, Biopsies & Suturing – Designed & presented by A/Prof. Maurice Brygel

This workshop will enhance the GP’s skills in the clinical diagnosis and differentiation, biopsy and surgery of the common well-recognized types of skin lesion. The role of dermoscopy, sentinel node biopsy and modern immunotherapies will be addressed. The surgical techniques used to expeditiously carry out the treatment will be practiced. Participants will learn how to deal with such issues as dead space, post-operative bleeding, excessive tension, wound dehiscence and post-operative care. These skills will also enhance the GP’s ability to deal with a wide variety of surgically based procedures such as suturing lacerations, removal of sebaceous cysts and lipomata and excisional biopsy for suspicious skin lesion.


1:30pm-3:30pm:  Introduction of different types of 1) skin lesions; 2) appropriate method of anaesthesia; 3) biopsies and suturing techniques for different skin lesions.

2:30pm-5:30pm: Hand-on practice of the techniques in the introduction.