These workshops are both Online and Face to Face

Women’s Health: ‘This activity is RACGP approved for 6 CPD hours for the 2023–25 triennium.

ARIMGSAS team welcomes you to the Women’s Health Workshop which will assist you in improving your clinical skills, this will help you to fill your professional Gap.

This workshop is conducted by experienced Doctors working in Gynecology and Obstetrics departments in Australian Teaching Hospitals such as Box Hill Hospital, Austin Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women.

Workshop outline,

Theoretical presentations and Case discussions on:

·        Contraceptive methods
·        Cervical cancer screen according to new guidelines
·        Irregular vaginal bleed
·        Role of HRT in menopause management.

Hands-on practical session under supervision includes

·        Pelvic examinations on medical mannequins
·        Correct technique for HPV screening (according to new guidelines)
·        Breast examination on medical mannequins
·        Implanon insertion technique

Followed by the opportunity for you to discuss your questions and clear your doubts from the Doctors in relation to Gynecology and Obstetrics topics. Correct techniques of procedures and examinations will be demonstrated by the tutors followed by hands-on experience.

*Predisposing activities will help you to assess your skills and knowledge before the workshop and you can focus on developing your skills in the workshop.

*Reinforcing activities will assist you in building your knowledge and assessing and improving your skills.